Walking Jeju – Olle 18

Walking Jeju – Olle 18


Ambling away from the big smoke civilization soon petered away. The skies overcast and the temperature obnoxiously cold as I meandered alongside a craggy coast accompanied by dark waters littered with basalt. Here, haenyeao (diving women) paddled and bobbed whilst whistling to one another in code. Up in the hills in a cordial setting within the grounds of Bultap-sa Temple stands a five-storied stone pagoda, it is said that women come here to pray for a son. Yet, as the temperature continued to drop I hoped that they would at least pray for sun. But then, I’m selfish.

I continued to walk.


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IMG_20181214_185559_757 IMG_20181214_215313_054

IMG_20181214_060243_408 IMG_20181214_032953_595




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