Walking Jeju – Olle 18.1

The Chuja Islands



IMG_20181211_152209_154 IMG_20181210_160318_016

The waters were choppy as the small ferry bounced along for 90 minutes across the Korea Strait to the remote Chuja Islands; a series of 4 inhabited and 38 uninhabited islands.


A quad ripping rollercoaster of a path dots the two big islands of Sangchuja and Chuja. Through sleepy and colourful fishing villages where fishermen gather by the docks to knock back soju at 10:30am among the omnipresent stench of fish and up into the steep and forested hills that lay animated by the voices of rasping insects.


As dusk breached a selection of lighthouses sparkled amongst the darkening skies. A smokey coloured dog barked at me upon passing through a wharf; its echo carried back up into the hills and confused the dog somewhat and so thus it laid back down in aid of sleeping off the said confusion.


I nestled atop Bongeulle-san and watched the sun crash out for another day. A Korean tour group set up camp close by. I hoped that they wasn’t sex people. As I lay on the bumpy ground the night grew cold, much colder than usual.



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