Walking Jeju – Olle 17

18.1 km

Gwangnyeong – Old Downtown of Jeju-si Olle



The weather clammy as I strolled along the bustling streets of Jeju City; its broad roads a riot of traffic. A myriad of coffee shops, restaurants and convenience stores dotted the Olle as a steady influx of planes roared overhead to and from the city’s busy international airport terminal.


(Sometimes, just sometimes there are no words for the things you encounter on the road, this is one of them said times.)



As night fell I continued to walk until suburbia had slowly slipped out of sight. The bright lights of offshore fishing vessels twinkled in illiterate morse. In a quiet and secluded copse of pine I set up camp and proceeded to count the vessels from my tent until I became sleepy. I didn’t have to count for long.


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IMG_20181201_123420_103 20181002_135837

20181002_124836 20181002_133812

20181002_120836 20181002_115751

20181002_114630 20181002_114227

20181002_113637 20181002_112711

20181002_110655 mejeju

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