Walking Jeju – Olle 14


Walking Jeju – Olle 14


Through a zigzag of country lanes and farther through a scrubland and beyond. I side-shimmed around a big bastard horse and traipsed back to the coast. The clouds had begun to gather into something quite sinister as the ocean swirled and crashed against the islands western shores.



At Wolryeong a walk through a field of cacti saw a Chinese tour group appear gob shiteing up the joint and annoying the hell out of everyone and everything in their path. Even the cacti looked annoyed, and they’re full of pricks everyday of the week!


Whilst I was reading from a signboard one of them cupped his hands to my ear and screamed something in Chinese into it as loud as he could before proceeding to laugh like a complete dickface in front of his somewhat impressed and equally dickfaced comrades. Oh to bully a stray whitey, how courageous he must’ve felt. I gracefully called him a f#@king noisy c$#t and challenged him to do it again. He simpered and rejoined his pack.

IMG_20181126_082529_939 IMG_20181127_201525_602

I seethed forth before I pulled a muscle in the sole of my foot walking across a section of jagged basalt. I was over doing it still and was forced to rest up for a bit; to rest both my agony and my rage. Yet, I couldn’t linger as the wind grew stronger and the skies turned strangely apocalyptic.

I pressed on to Hyeopjae Beach and sheltered beyond a large sand dune away from the coastal wrath amongst a small spinney where I set up camp for the night and waited for the apocalypse to come to pass.

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IMG_20181128_144956_652 IMG_20181119_214840_557

IMG_20181120_001500_363 IMG_20181120_145654_749

IMG_20181122_154313_713 IMG_20181122_163751_365

IMG_20181122_191743_973 IMG_20181127_000632_924

IMG_20181127_103212_344 IMG_20181127_145310_237

IMG_20181127_171401_134 IMG_20181128_190357_372

IMG_20181128_210522_533 IMG_20181129_082310_778


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