Walking Jeju – Olle 12


Walking Jeju – Olle 12
17.5 km


By late afternoon the the wind had picked up. I worked my way through a network of lonely farmsteads and green water towers. Metal clanged, tarp flapped, cabbage patches flailed and palm trees bent double in an area that brags of being the second most fertile in all of Jeju.

Farm vehicles zipped past caking me in dust. Fertiliser carried on the breeze infiltrated my lungs. The skies were clear by this point but the wind continued to howl throughout the afternoon with extended ferocity. Walking headlong into it made for slow progress.


Back at the coast and the high seas were as turbulent as I had ever seen them. Especially from the vantage point of Suweol-bong. Jeju famous for its gales was really milking it. Even more so by fact that somewhere out there in the expanse of the Pacific, a typhoon stirred.


I sought temporary relief in a 7-Eleven and eat some cake and cake. Korean Yul Bryner cyborg -waltzed passed the window. I instinctively ducked and covered behind more cake. I reached for gunny before I remembered that I wasn’t a cowboy….anymore. It mattered little however as he hadn’t noticed me. The hunter became the hunted.


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