Walking Jeju – Olle 7

Walking Jeju

Route 7.1

Not the most appealing of walks and in hindsight an unnecessary addition to the Olle circuit. A lot of walking along rather uninspiring main roads into the islands interior before a forest trail diverts to the top of the very breezy Gogeun-san. Great views from the summit however, over to Hallasan and across to Seogwipo. The path loops back down into the city and ends at the World Cup Stadium; now home to Jeju United.

Route 7

A return to form in Route 7 with its pebble clustered shores and choppy waves that batter and shape a vast contingent of the dark volcanic rocks that jut admirably out of the waters to look like ancient monolithic beasts rising from the deep. I walked across meadows where butterflies danced elegantly around me and alongside farms producing fiery looking chillies, cabbages and of course tangerines. In fact, during a short break under a gazebo a local man would hand me a bag of tangerines and wish we good luck on my journey. The kindness of strangers an exceptional and welcome gift to any traveller.

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