Jeju Olle – Route 6

Walking Jeju

Route 6 

11.6 km


Route 6 is one of the most popular along the Jeju Olle circuit. A relatively easy trail aligned with swanky cafes overlooking the turquoise waters of the south coast. The masses were out in their droves making the most of the generous Autumn weather. A forest path weaved along the craggy shores and just off the coast several verdant islets sprang into sight. After a while the designated path would suddenly terminate at a charityless Korean Air resort, the airline generals refusing to give way to the Jeju Olle, so that everyone is systematically forced to walk around the complex along a main road for a few tedious kilometres before continuing on with the scenic montage of Route 6. 

Close to the end of the trail is Jeongbang Pokpo, apparently the only waterfall in Asia where the water crashes directly into the sea. Everyone was rallying about looking for that perfect selfie like it was a matter of survival. The Chinese had arrived by this point, screaming and shouting and getting on everybody’s tits apart from their own. Thankfully I’d already queued to get in before they’d arrived. Regardless, I swiftly made haste to Seogwipo; the biggest town in the south and second largest on Jeju. There I drained a self-proclaimed well earned beer.

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