Jeju Olle – Route 5

Jeju Olle – Route 5



An angry dog woke me. Barking from the outside of my tent like a knobhead. I think I must’ve been nestled on his shit break spot. By the time I’d surfaced it had disappeared. A ghost dog perhaps. Which wouldn’t have surprised me, as the town of Namwon was eerily void of life first thing as I trundled through its silent streets with legs as stiff as oak.

By 9am the sun was ferocious; it glistened blindingly off the surface of the ocean. A gentle and welcome wind offered up some modicum of relief. As did the shaded and well paved coastal promenade of arched trees…and toilets with free wifi. 

The cliffs markedly battered and shaped by a timeless coastal erosion. The epochs of Jeju clearly showcased. I passed idyllic residential neighbourhoods that ushered forth stories of success and made me wonder about their lives. 

I then found a Dunkin Donuts and devastated their stock like an unstoppable one man locust swarm of mass destruction. 

I have no regrets.

#walkingjeju #travelbloke

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